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Wooden Dinosaur Toys 6pc Set

What child doesn’t love Dinosaurs? Our Wooden Dinosaur Toys 6pc set will satisfy all junior paleontologists


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Wooden Dinosaur Toys 6-Piece Set

Have an aspiring paleontologist that can’t get enough of dinosaurs? The Wooden Dinosaur Toys 6-piece Set will feed their creative minds through their favorite prehistoric creatures.

From a Triceratops to a Brachiosaurus, this fun set will set their imaginations free.

Kid-Friendly Materials

The Wooden Dinosaur Toys Set consists of six finely crafted dinosaurs with heads, legs, wings, and tails that move. Safe for little hands, parents will have peace of mind they’re made from quality beech wood and painted using non-toxic paint. Designed for ages 3+, these small toys are great for helping strengthen fingers.

Interactive Play

All 6 dinosaurs can be brought to life. They are able to walk, fight, eat; whatever your little one desires. And, when playing with other kids, there’s no need to fight over the dinosaurs. There’s enough to go around!

Early Learning Opportunity

Many children go through a dinosaur phase. These are fascinating, powerful creatures that help boost their imagination and creativity. There are many kinds of dinosaurs, which means their interest will only grow. They learn the different names, what they do, and what they eat or don’t eat.

With the Wooden Dinosaur Toys 6-Piece Set, your child will learn more about these extinct reptiles. It’s a great opportunity to teach them about the earth and life before humans. Wooden Dinosaur Toys offer opportunities for increased knowledge and thanks to the durability of this set, it’s a gift your little one will enjoy for years.

Perfect Gifts For Little Paleontologists

It’s said that children who are frequently engaged in pretending are more creative and perform better in school. This dinosaur set allows them to expand their minds. Not only will they spark their imagination, but it will make them want to learn more about these interesting creatures.

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