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Toy Miniature Golf Set

Fun for family and friends with our toy miniature golf set. This set comes complete with 2 wooden golf clubs, balls, and extra accessories to make the game fun


99 in stock


Toy Miniature Golf Set

Mini golf is a timeless game that children and adults can both enjoy. Whether you’re entertaining your kid on a long afternoon or they’re having fun with a sibling or a visiting friend, this mini golf set provides hours of enjoyment.

Hours of 2-Player Fun

The joy of golf is that it never gets old. This is just as true of mini golf: obstacles can be rearranged in endless forms, and you can transport the kit anywhere, meaning there’s always a unique challenge. Plus, there are always new opportunities to score that perfect putt that your child and their friends will remember and celebrate.

Design Your Own Course

The mini golf set comes with three hoops in different sizes. These act as obstacles and checkpoints for players, adding an extra level of challenge and jeopardy to the game! There is also a walled slope that can be used for the same purpose.

All elements are made from lightweight pine wood that has been carefully sanded to prevent rough or hard edges. Your kids can set this game up by themselves in any configuration.

There are two tees, so you can easily provide a handicap to give younger children a head-start over their older siblings.

Easy to Transport

The kit packs up neatly into a convenient bag. You can carry it anywhere and set it up in the park, your garden, or a friend’s garden! This mini golf set provides incredible entertainment wherever you are.

It’s great to take with you on holidays but just as appropriate for home use. There’s something for everyone, and most importantly, it means your kids will never get bored!

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The mini golf set introduces your kids to a brand new hobby and is fun for all the family. Add it to your cart now and enjoy!

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