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Snail Toy With Rolling Wheel & Blocks

This wooden snail toy shape sorter and pull toy is perfect for young children to learn basic shape recognition & practice hand-eye coordination


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This beautifully finished wooden snail toy can be used as a shape sorter or as a fun pull toy to pull around the house.

As a shape sorter, the snail comes with 5 different shapes to match and sort into the wooden box Children are encouraged to pick up a shape and explore the box to find the corresponding shaped hole. Once they’ve matched the shape, children gain a great sense of achievement when the shape fits perfectly through the hole and is contained in the box. Once completed, pull the shapes out from the webbed base below, or use the snail as a pull toy instead. All you have to do is put the round shape sorter on the snail’s back, grab the string and pull the snail around the room. As it moves, the snail’s back will turn and the wooden blocks within will tumble, making a clicking sound as you move it around the room

Each wooden Snail shape sorter pull toy from Tooky Toys is made from timber, finished to the highest quality, and painted in child-safe, nontoxic paint.

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