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Noahs Ark Wooden Toy Set

With bright & colorful pieces our Noah’s Ark Wooden Toy Set allows kids to learn about and recreate the story of Noah loading the animals onto the ark.


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Noahs Ark Wooden Toy Set

The Noahs Ark Wooden Toy Set will inspire an educational playtime experience. Safe for little hands, this set is designed for growing minds ages 2 and up.

Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift for your toddler, need a uni-sex baby shower gift, or simply want to teach your children about Noah’s Ark, you can’t go wrong with this finely-crafted wooden toy set.

Let’s explore what makes our wooden Noah’s Ark toy one-of-a-kind.

A Timeless Classic

Noah’s Ark is a timeless biblical story where Noah is warned about an upcoming flood. God gives him instructions to survive this flood, the first being to build a large ark that will fit Noah, his family, and hundreds of animals. Each animal arrives at the ark in pairs, as you’ll see reflected in this wooden Noah’s Ark toy.

Our wooden Noah’s ark toy includes a series of animals, from zebras to tigers to hippos. This lets children recreate this story of Noah by loading each animal onto the ark.

This set is perfect for educational classroom settings, church nurseries, daycare, and most importantly — your little one’s room! When your child is done using their wooden toy set, clean-up is made easy. Simply place each animal inside the ark and store it away for next time.

Includes 18 Colorful Pieces

This set includes 18 colorful pieces consisting of an ark, Noah and his wife, and pairs of animals, among them zebras, alligators, elephants, and more! Each side of the boat has doors to slide the animals through, and every component is made with kid-friendly beech wood and painted using quality, non-toxic paint.

The detailed prints on each animal make this set fun and adorable. The figures are the perfect size for small children to fit into their hands.

Educational Tool

Let your child’s imaginations come to life as they play with this wooden toy set. Not only will they learn the Noah’s Ark story, but they’ll also familiarize themselves with colors, shapes, numbers, and animals.

Teach them how to count, add, and subtract in an interactive way with the adorable animals and the ark. Expand their vocabulary by naming all the animals and objects.

Help your toddlers improve their fine motor skills by allowing them to place the pieces through the window cut-outs on the sides of the ark. And, once one child has outgrown it, you bet this toy set will still be in great shape to pass down to the next.

Ideal For Several Settings

This wooden Noah’s Ark toy is used in several settings, the most popular being:

  • At-home use
  • Sunday school
  • Pre-school
  • Daycare
  • Church nurseries

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or daycare owner, teach your little one about colors, shapes, numbers, animals, and more with this wooden toy set.

Durable & Easy-To-Clean Materials

Are you worried this toy set will break after a few weeks of use? Perhaps you have doubts about how easy it is to clean.

We have good news! The Noah’s Ark Wooden Toy Set is designed with unmatched durability, guaranteeing the entire set will last for many years. The wood is high-quality and has been painted with non-toxic, long-lasting, and vibrant colors.

Further, the smooth wood makes it easy to clean. You can use a gentle detergent and warm water on a cloth to wipe it down, then set it out to dry.

Easy To Transport

Need on-the-go fun? Luckily for you, this wooden toy set is easy to transport. Simply place all the pieces into the ark and pack it to go! The ark’s dimensions are as follows:

  • Length: 0.260m
  • Height: 0.200m
  • Width: 0.140m

The toy itself weighs 1.6200kg making it easy to transport in a bag or carrying case for play dates.

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Whether you’re an educator, daycare worker, or parent, bring your little one’s joy, knowledge, and entertainment with this Noah’s Ark Wooden Toy Set. Add it to your cart today!

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