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Deluxe Kids Tool Bench

30-piece. Bright, colorful kids tool bench, tools and accessories for the budding builder. Learn how to hammer, screw measure & assemble.


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Kids Tool Bench

Looking for the best tool bench for your child to enjoy? Tooky Toys Tool Bench is for you!

Features and Accessories

Tooky Toys designed their kids tool bench play set with imagination in mind. The kids tool bench play set comes equipped with safe-to-use tools for children to play pretend with. Over 30 accessories are included for your child to use, including a hammer, screwdriver, and wrench. The possibilities are endless when you use your imagination!

The surface of the table comes with holes and slots that your child can use to build. Using the child-safe screws and nails that are included, your child can practice their skills with the tools provided to create something new! Additionally, the kids tool bench doubles as storage space for all the tools and accessories that come with it. This makes for easy clean-up when it’s time to go, making your job easier!

For Creative Kids Who Want to Build

This is perfect for the child that wants to be a builder! With limitless possibilities and dozens of tools to use, your child can let their creativity run wild while they play. They can hammer nails into the material, screw or unscrew bolts, and measure their materials just like a real builder!

Your child can play for hours while learning important skills they can apply to other subjects, like math and spatial reasoning. Playtime has never been more creative and interactive before the Tooky Toys Kids Tool Bench!

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Don’t wait to order your own set for your child. This large format workbench with over 30 accessories could be yours with the click of a button. Add the best kids tool bench to your cart now and prepare to see your child enjoy hours of fun exploring all facets of construction. You won’t regret granting them the opportunity to play and learn at the same time!

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