Pretend Play Food

Want some pretend play food that looks good enough to eat? ToysA2Z has you covered. Here you’ll find high-quality sets that are ideal for kid-friendly play.

What You’ll Receive from Each Set

ToysA2Z offers pretend play food sets that are unique and full of surprises. When you shop these sets, your little ones will feed their creativity and keep their busy hands occupied.

High-Quality Materials

Each set is made from sturdy materials. So whether you opt for a set of colourful wooden fruits or vegetables, your child can look forward to creative play for several years. Parents can have peace of mind that they’re investing in safe-to-use toys that will last a lifetime.

From preparing imaginary meals to familiarising themselves with new shapes and colours, children won’t want to put away these toys anytime soon.

Vibrant Colours & Shapes

Your child will start recognising shapes, colours, and patterns with each set. Our Wooden High Tea Cake Stand Play Set, for instance, includes a beautiful cupcake stand with a 7-piece assortment of desserts. Each dessert is decorated with pretty colours and showcases a variety of shapes like circles, triangles, and hearts. This offers an excellent opportunity to jump-start their learning!

Endless & Creative Play

Through pretend play food sets, your child will learn teamwork and responsibility, all while having fun.

For example, the Wooden Supermarket Playset offers 6 common ingredients, including cereal, milk, and orange juice. It even comes with a metal basket to spark creativity. They’ll be able to role-play that they’re at the grocery store getting ingredients for tonight’s meal. Work alongside them to create the meal and be sure they clean up afterwards. This teaches responsibility in a fun way!

Pretend Play Food That Looks Good Enough To Eat — Browse Our Collection!

These toys offer several benefits, from keeping little ones occupied to improving social skills. Slice, sort, and serve pretend play food to fill hungry imaginations and feed creativity! Add a set (or two) to your cart!